How to select a top company offering color and additive masterbatches in Vietnam

How to select a top company offering color and additive masterbatches?

  • What is Masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a solid or liquid additive used to color or add properties to plastic products. There are two main types of masterbatch - color masterbatch is a concentrated pigment and additive masterbatch that enhances the properties of end plastics.

Masterbatch is added to the raw polymer to ensure the economical coloration of the polymer in the plastic manufacturing process. At the same time, the additives are wrapped into a bearing resin during the heat process and cut into pieces after cooling.

Masterbatch man ufactists create thousands of color and additive masterbatch all over the world. You can find green, yellow, blue, beige and other colors based on your need to add to plastic production.



How is good Color Masterbatch?

Colored Masterbatches play a very important role in the production process and directly affect the output of the product. Once you have used the wrong color masterbatch, you cannot produce the correct output, greatly affecting production results. Therefore, it is necessary to assess good colored master batch before being put into production. The following are the criteria to evaluate good color masterbatch:

  • Dispersion:

Color masterbatch dispersion is the masterbatch's ability to disperse color to an appropriate size level that exists as aggregates of the particles instead of individual particles.

  • Transparency

The transparency of the color array is a special effect that nearly every manufacturer can provide to enrich their product portfolio. This transparency is easily affected by additives, fillers, and color-forming ingredients added to the resin mixture during the manufacturing process, so a fine colored resin is the type that retains its transparency.

  • Opacity

Opacity is the hidden strength of colored plastic beads. Heavy metal free organic pigments are capable of providing better opacity, color performance and dispersion like inorganic pigments with heavy metal elements. The difference in transparency and light fastness between organic and inorganic pigments (both containing heavy metals) is also noted and considered.

  • Light fastness

Ability of the product to retain the original color after use and exposure to light.

  • Stable color palette

Actual color scheme compatible with customer requirements

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Many companies are purchasing color masterbatches from Vietnam to get high quality products that meet the above criteria while still ensuring reasonable costs. But, how to choose a reliable supplier is still a challenge for most companies?

What are the important criteria to choose color plastic resin supplier?

Choosing a top masterbatch manufacturer is a daunting task for a plastic manufacturer. Choosing a good company can help you get a quality product that is competitive in international markets. However, if you accidentally choose an unsuitable supplier or the quality of color masterbatch is not up to standard for production, it will lead to serious damage to the production process. Here are some issues you need to consider when choosing a color masterbatch supplier:

  1. Manufacturing techniques

Fabrication of polypropylene or other textile fibers requires a great deal of knowledge and research. Chemical engineers need to spend a large amount of research on developing quality masterbatches. This process is not simple and requires innovative technical skills for developers, suppliers to have a team of engineers and professional, modern production equipment.

  1. Suitability

The type of product that your supplier provides to you must be suitable for your company's specific production process such as blowing, injection molding, sheet extrusion, fiber, casting, weaving, ... or a plastic backing such as PP. , PE, PC. PET, PETG, ABS, ...

  1. Certifications

A plus point should be considered that the supplier already has product quality and production process certifications from the relevant authorities. This is an objective guarantee that will help you secure your product source. However, the most important thing is to test product samples and ask supplier to send samples for testing.

Using the right masterbatch makes it possible to produce high quality plastic products at an economical price. Contact us to get premium products for your company now. Sunrise Color specializes in providing masterbatch color plastic resin products with quality ensuring technical standards, is a reliable choice for many domestic and international customers.

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