Color masterbatch is a mixture of granules, solid plastic additives including base resins, pigments and plastic additives, in order to make color for plastic product without bringing side effects. There are amny suppliers which can produce and trade in color masterbatch in plastic field, however not all of them can match your exact wanted color with ensured quality. This article will help you understand more about color masterbatch and have a good consideration when choose a color masterbatch supplier. 


Color masterbatch is a mixture of granules, solid plastic additives including base resins, pigments and plastic additives, ... The use of different plastic additives can create many different colors with luster, In a variety of applications such as extrusion coating, film blowing, spinning, injection molding, etc.

1. Features

Color masterbatch are composed of many plastic additives to give special properties to colored plastic masterbatch such as: good dispersion, anti proof, anti block, process enhancer

2. Application

Color masterbatch is widely applied in plastic field, plastic production, typically:

+ Film blowing, film extrusion (packaging film, elastic film, agricultural and construction film, diaphragm, garbage bag, multi-layer bag)

+ Blowing film

+ Injection molding: home appliances, toys, garden furniture, potted plants, buckets, boxes, electronics, barrels, boxes ...)

+ Blow molding of bottles

+ Extrusion of sheets, fibers and cables



There are many color masterbatch suppliers from different countries, we can name some countries: China, Russia, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Turkey,...Each of these countries has its own advantage and disadvantage in producing color masterbatch. 

1. Russia color masterbatch 

Russia has some polymer companies that can offer color masterbatch for customer over the world, some of them are transnational corporation that has branches in different countries, such as: Clariant, Alok masterbatch, Tosaf, Basco,..

As these are big corporation which presenting in different countries, so the input quality of color masterbatch is ensured with proper certification if needed, however comparably price is stable in different countries and is high for small customer, producer. 

2. Turkey color masterbatch 

Turkey has big volumn of producer of polymer, and also trader in polymer field. Therefore, Turkey business can supply a big quantity of color masterbatch for plastic producer in Turkey and also some closed, neighbor countries such as Europe area, Middle east area, sometimes Russia,... 

Some big supplier of color masterbatch in Turkey are Senkroma, Kimya, Tosaf,... 

3. China color masterbatch 

China is a big country with thousands of business in polymer plastic field. They can offer a various range of masterbatch product including color masterbatch. China haas advantage in White masterbatch due to the TiO2 resources. However, before getting to work with a color masterbatch supplier, you should leran deeply about their products and reliability because of problem in high quality and fake quality. China also has a huge number of trader in masterbatch field. 

4. Vietnam color masterbatch 

Vietnam is famous for Filler masterbatch due to high quality and abundant resource of Calcium Carbonate resources - CaCO3. Beside to Filler masterbatch, Vietnam also supplies Color masterbatch to foreign countries, both in Asia, Europe, Africa and America in wide range of color masterbatch from White color masterbatch, black color masterbatch to other colors such as yellow, pink, red, blue, green, gold,...

Most of Vietnam color masterbatch suppliers can both produce color masterbatch and filler masterbatch. In which, some suppliers mostly focus on filler masterbatch because of high volumn in production purpose such as Euro plas, PMJ, CPI; meanwhile some other suppliers still focus on color masterbatch with its high requirement on quality and color matching such as Vinacolor, Sunrise Colours Masterbatch, ADC.

With the advantages in labour, technical team, resources and also logistics service, Vietnam can supply color masterbatch and filler masterbatch to the world with good price, cost and still keep good quality that hasnt been received much claims for a long history. 

5. India color masterbatch 

With the big volumn of population and famous reputation on pigment, India can produce color masterbatch for plastic production. However, with so many unprofessional color masterbatch production, there is a big resources of color masterbatch in India not havng high quality, and having orientation of applying in scrap production. There are some professional big color masterbatch suppliers in India can be named such as Polyblend (which actually is a transnational corp), Sidh masterbatches, Perfecto colourants.


Nowadays, in plastic production, color masterbatch is mostly used to make color for plastic products instead of traditional method of using pigment. Using color masterbatch not only is a morden method that can create easy procession but also making production effectively. Choosing a suitable color masterbatch for your production is not a simple decision, it requires good research on supplier ability, cost matching and also good sample testing & stable quality in big production scale insurance. 

Above is informations about color masterbatch and its suppliers over the world. We hope that this is helpful for you to choose a color masterbatch resources for your production. 



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